Walking Insects

Well of course we can not compare both insects but somehow or other we can indeed compare the working method .

Cockroaches are insects able to survive a nuclear war, with potential reproductive capacity and they are especially pollutant for our environment and our health. Ants , on the other hand , are social insects that live in highly organized colonies and  they are intelligent , they do not transmit any disease but are usually annoying if found in different areas of our habitat .

For both insects we routinely  use sticky plates, that when they step on them they cannot move and slowly die. But as we said, the two have great reproduction capacity, and many times this method can not be fully effective , that is why we also use as a shock treatment special insecticide gels, always environmentally friendly .

Flying insects

We must not confuse a wasp bee with her sister, the bee,  as they have no comparison. The bee is a protected specie responsible pollinitzation, affable and without danger. They are the basis of our existence and if we kill them we kill a part of ourselves.

Wasps are flying insects that live in hierarchical societies, aggressive and annoying so they have no qualms on attacking if disturbed . We tend to see them more often in summer as the heat activates them  and this is the highest phase of its reproduction. We find them mostly under inaccessible roof shingles. For this reason , we work late at night when they are still dormant with powders that respect the environment .

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