About us

Giroplagues are a specialized pest control company to provide professional service and serious specific, personalized coverage to our customers. The control is based on knowledge of ecology and an analysis of the projection of population rhythms of pests and their natural enemies.

The experience accumulated along the years in Girona and province, does us a referent in the control of plagues, the rodent control, the disinsectation, the disinfection, the bird control, the treatments in the wood, the phytosanitary treatments and the legionellosis.

The rats, the beetles, the pigeons, the ants, the termites, the plagues in Girona.....They are a problem to the which we bring effective and fast solutions to enjoy of your home, restaurant, hotel or business.

We are aware that a pest problem becomes the primary concern affected due to cost and the deterioration of the image, which can directly affect your business, which is why we establish constant contact with the client until the elimination of your problem.

Insect control in Giroplagues is supervised by qualified entomologists and insecticide applications are made following conclusions based on periodic sampling of the population of the pest and its natural enemies.
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